FAQ Because this stuff can be confusing

What is AR?

Augmented Reality is the overlaying of digital assets on top of the real world. Most often experienced with a smart phone or tablet. 

What is VR?

Virtual reality is the full immersion of the user

into a digital environment and experience

with a VR headset. 

What are immersive experiences?

Immersive environments are bringing digital assets to life in the real world using large screens, projectors, or environmental graphics or lighting equipment. Immersive experiences can range from a passive observational experience to a fully interactive one. 

How does AR benefit businesses?

With Augmented Reality, you can allow your customers to interact with your brand in exciting and unique ways. If you provide a product, you can allow your customers to see your product in their own environment. If you provide a service, you can augment your marketing materials with video and content to further communicate to your customers the value your service provides. By creating a memorable experience with your brand, customers will remember you, and will walk away with a positive experience with your brand.